VR and AI for improving Public Speaking

Create a Virtual Coach and Virtual Reality simulation for Human Resources projects, customised simulations and exercises to train your company or your employees.

Why use Virtual Reality (VR)?

Active learning thanks to the ‘learning by doing‘ method

The protected environment breaks down the wall of insecurity

VR combined with AI create an emotional environment

Increased attention, hence quality training

Reduction of investment costs in training.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is the future of learning today!

If we want to acquire 70% more information we need to perform actions, learning by doing!

And how can we do that? The answer is Virtual Reality!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence allows you to live a unique and complete experience with the help of voice commands to guide and live as a protagonist your growth process.

It is possible to customise contents and exercises according to the needs of your class, audience or students.

Voice interaction

Voice customization

Choice of language: Italian, English or other languages

Public Speaking Simulation App

Available now on meta quest 2

Are you ready to train in virtual reality and in an emotional, innovative and interactive environment?


I often find myself speaking in front of groups of people (small groups of 15/20 up to 200 people); just the week before this simulation I gave a speech in front of an audience of about 300 people, so as an insider, I consider Vrainers and this virtual reality simulator a very good solution to train different skills such as public speaking. It is said that 10,000 hours are needed to achieve mastery in a job. So it’s easy to see how this simulator can help with the mastery process, as it allows you to test yourself and train constantly.


Learning Expert

Preparing for an exam? Repeat? Talking to someone? Overcoming the anxiety of expressing your ideas? All this was possible thanks to the experience of Vrainers! An effective and helpful way to overcome the ‘fear’ of speaking and prepare speeches and arguments to be presented to an audience; whether it’s a jury, an exam board or a group of friends, Vrainers offers excellent training in public speaking. A training that I will definitely repeat!


Student of Architecture

Get ready to immerse yourself in a new dimension of training that has never been so exciting! Vrainers sets you a challenge: will you be able to speak in front of a live audience?


Data Scientist

Unique experience: Vrainers allows you to test yourself on a daily basis as if you were in reality. Try it to believe it!


Data Analyst


Are machines smarter than humans? What are the properly human capabilities we should focus on?

The primary objective is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and augmented reality and the differences between human and artificial intelligence. Moving on to a reflection: can creativity, empathy and imagination be reproduced or replicated by an artificial intelligence?

Understanding how emerging technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are changing the future of education and personal growth.

The vision very simple, but at the same time also complex to achieve: to understand how technology can serve humans and not vice versa.



About Us

VRAINERS creates simulations and interactive courses in virtual reality (VR) and with artificial intelligence (AI).

Our mission is to use new technologies as a tool for improvement and not as a substitute for humans.

“Technology at the service of man and not man at the service of technology.”

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