In this article we will touch few topics:

“You are unfocused!” how many times have we heard that?

Why are we constantly distracted? And can we overcome the fear of not having the adeguate tools to prepare myself as well as possible?

Premises of fear of not having the adeguate tools to prepare myself as well as possible

As I imagine you have noticed we live in the information age, and we are bombarded constantly, 24 hours by all kinds of news. With the advent of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube we have access to all kinds of information. On the one hand this is good because it is perhaps the first era where important information is accessible to everyone, but on the other hand if not managed well we risk getting into a vortex of “pure entertainment” from which it is difficult to get out.

Three advantages of the focus

We see three advantages as to why it is important to maintain focus:

  • we understand things better and our mind is clear;
  • it increases the quality of our actions and consequently our performance and results;
  • if results increase we are more satisfied with the work we have done and consequently our self-esteem and confidence thus enter a virtuous circle.

Now, how can we find the right concertation in a world that wants us distracted and focused on other things?

Let’s not hide the fact that there are so many techniques that help develop concentration, and one of them is also virtual reality, or rather performing some activity in virtual reality.

Being immersed in a virtual environment helps to be focused only on that single subject or simulation. As a result, having effective training allows us to increase the quality of time and decrease training hours. I don’t know if you have ever happened to study something or do a work activity at a time when you were very focused. You were amazed because the same activity you used to spend more hours on before, you were able to do it in less time.

That’s exactly the feeling.

Today you can start training your skills in safe, innovative and emotional environments thanks to the project created by VRAINERS: the first App that allows you to train your Public Speaking.

Book – Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence: Risks and Opportunity


Are machines smarter than humans? What are the properly human capabilities we should focus on?

The primary objective is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and augmented reality and the differences between human and artificial intelligence. Moving on to a reflection: can creativity, empathy and imagination be reproduced or replicated by an artificial intelligence?

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Public Speaking Simulation App

The Public Speaking Simulation App in Virtual Reality is aimed at entrepreneurs, team leaders, professionals to start a professional growth path on techniques for managing meetings and public speaking by practicing in a SAFE, EMOTIONAL and INTERACTIVE environment.

The Masterclass aims to provide the best Public Speaking tools to share ideas effectively in business meetings, team meetings, elevator pitches, presentations to potential clients.

The Exercises will be simulated in Virtual Reality with the support of a qualified Psychologist.

  • You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively begin, develop and conclude a speech;
  • You will learn how to present your ideas in an engaging way;
  • To become confident and effective by mastering your emotions.

Enhancing your human capital for a company today is critical. The Masterclass will enable each member of your team to improve his or her skills.

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