How many times have we been faced with a speech in front of people, having repeated the key points so many times, and yet forgetting some information?

When we organize a presentation of a project, a startup, or something that otherwise involves presenting in front of an audience of people, there are so many things to handle. Most of the time because of too many thoughts and tasks to organize our mind is so full that we lose sight of one of the most important things: the performance of the presentation.

We are distracted by a thousand things, details, the room, the lights, the arrangement of the slides, and added to all these things, which in itself is already a lot to give a good headache, it will also serve to take care of the last-minute contingencies… 

So what to do?

Let’s start with a very simple premise. Preparation is the key in these situations. This means that if we are in charge of the presentation while also needing to handle everything else, our pitch/discourse/presentation needs to be ready before other logistical and organizational issues arise.

How can a public speaking simulation help us remember and prepare better?

Through safe simulation and consistent preparation over time, it is possible to learn gradually. Perhaps today we take learning by understanding for granted, as we are always looking for speed, but the problem is that by going fast sometimes we don’t understand why we are doing something. That is why planning a proper plan of action, preparing a speech, even a written one, and practicing through an almost realistic simulation will help you with time to improve your skills and learn how to handle more things together, always losing the quality of your speech.

How can this be done?

We have prepared for you a Public Speaking simulation totally immersed in Virtual Reality, where you can practice whenever you want and better prepare your speeches. In addition, you will also find a Virtual Assistant with whom you can address the first topics on public speaking if it is your first time preparing a presentation.

I leave you here the direct access link to purchase the VRAINERS “Public Speaking Simulation” App. We hope to see you soon and get your feedback on it.

Public Speaking Simulation App

The Public Speaking Simulation Masterclass in Virtual Reality is aimed at entrepreneurs, team leaders, professionals to start a professional growth path on techniques for managing meetings and public speaking by practicing in a SAFE, EMOTIONAL and INTERACTIVE environment.

The Masterclass aims to provide the best Public Speaking tools to share ideas effectively in business meetings, team meetings, elevator pitches, presentations to potential clients.

The Exercises will be simulated in Virtual Reality with the support of a qualified Psychologist.

  • You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively begin, develop and conclude a speech;
  • You will learn how to present your ideas in an engaging way;
  • To become confident and effective by mastering your emotions.

Enhancing your human capital for a company today is critical. The Masterclass will enable each member of your team to improve his or her skills.

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