Virtual Realty for Soft Skills – Fear of not winning the crowd

“Conquer the crowd and you will conquer freedom”!

Why do we match The Gladiator and Virtual Reality? How can we use VR for overcoming the fear of not winning the crowd

And yes, this phrase has remained in history, The Gladiator, a movie we all know! Besides the fact that it is a beautiful movie, there are many things we can learn from this simple sentence.

How is it possible to overcome the fear of not winning the crowd?

Good question. Let’s take a step back and start with why we fail to win over the audience. Sometimes it may happen that we are faced with difficult, skeptical people, and perhaps even the most skilled speaker would struggle. But most of the time, the people in front of us might already be selected but this does not have as a direct consequence that they adore you and whatever you say to them they will agree.

This is why we need some important tools and reflections.

Below are three important points: in order to empathize with the room, preparation must be perfect, so the moment you go on stage or stand in front of the audience your thoughts are mentally present; flawless preparation, of course something might slip through, but the greater the preparation the greater the chance of success; the power to visualize the way you want to approach the presentation in terms of energy, atmosphere etc.

This is where virtual reality and simulation can help us.

Constant practice on our speech will help us become familiar with the room, with the slides, with a potential audience. As if we do a kind of daydream visualization by practicing not only our words and speech but also the way we pose, our energy, the way we interact with them or any initial “icebreakers” to help ease the initial tension for both of us.

This is the goal of VRAINERS to help professionals, students, startuppers or people who need to improve and overcome their fear of public speaking through the first virtual reality (VR) app.

I leave you the link here to find out what this is all about and how you can start benefiting from the advantages of emerging technologies.

Public Speaking Simulation App

The Public Speaking Simulation App in Virtual Reality is aimed at entrepreneurs, team leaders, professionals to start a professional growth path on techniques for managing meetings and public speaking by practicing in a SAFE, EMOTIONAL and INTERACTIVE environment. Moreover,

The App aims to provide the best Public Speaking tools to share ideas effectively in business meetings, team meetings, elevator pitches, presentations to potential clients.

The Exercises will be simulated in Virtual Reality with the support of a qualified Psychologist.

  • You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively begin, develop and conclude a speech;
  • You will learn how to present your ideas in an engaging way;
  • To become confident and effective by mastering your emotions.

Enhancing your human capital for a company today is critical. The App will enable each member of your team to improve his or her skills and overcome the fear of not winning the crowd!

Book – Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence: risks and opportunities

Are machines smarter than humans? What are the properly human capabilities we should focus on?

The primary objective is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and augmented reality and the differences between human and artificial intelligence. Moving on to a reflection: can creativity, empathy and imagination be reproduced or replicated by an artificial intelligence? And understand also how to overcome the fear of not winning the crowd!

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