Paura di mettersi in gioco

One of the fears related to public speaking is that of putting oneself out there. What do we mean by this? It refers precisely to those feelings of anxiety and high stress that arise at the mere thought of having to speak in front of an audience. The levels of these feelings, if not properly self-managed, can grow as the event approaches, with the risk of reaching a point that we can call a “breaking point”. 

Very often the problem stems from the personal sphere; specifically having low self-confidence, hence low self-esteem only fuels the fear in question and many others. Defining this concept is not easy, as there have been so many theories created over the years. In general, it is described as “the set of judgments that the individual makes about himself (Battistelli, 1994). This judgment, most often, is made based on two basic aspects: the real self, which is what we are objectively in real life, and the ideal self, which coincides with what we would like to be or become. It is easily guessed that the greater the gap between what we are and what we would like to be, the lower our self-esteem will be. Self-esteem is a construct that we must build day by day, either on our own or with the help of appropriate techniques and pathways. In the first case, experience contributes to the formation of the idea of ourselves, including the judgment of others: positive evaluations of other people increase one’s level of self-esteem. In the second case, there are specific methods in psychology that support the construction of this fundamental paradigm for achieving success. So at this point, the question arises: what could be the solution to increase levels of self-esteem and consequently learn to manage the fear of putting oneself out there? 

First of all, it is good to point out that this is a path of personal growth and as such, it involves an extended period of training before achieving significant results. The first step is to embrace one’s strengths and weaknesses, becoming aware of what characterizes us. A very simple exercise that can be done daily is to stop for a moment and reflect self-critically based on situations. The second step is to accept one’s flaws and learn to live with them, without putting unnecessary pressure on oneself that tends toward perfection. In addition to this, it is essential to start making one’s own decisions regardless of the judgment of others, but according to one’s interests and desires. These small steps are the first steps in raising one’s self-esteem levels. Today all this is possible thanks to new technologies that allow for immersive and highly interactive training. Users can challenge themselves through protected virtual contexts in which the practitioner has greater ease of control and performance measurement. Our Vrainers team has developed training that integrates virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and is characterized by unique aspects such as gradualness, interactivity, the human likeness of the avatar, specialized content, and dynamicity of the course. The main goal is to optimize the user’s ability to speak in front of an audience through conscious and gradual personal growth. 


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