The Coronavirus emergency has changed by far the pace of technological innovation: in particular, we have experienced accelerated digitization.

According to an article published by the United Nations, the crisis caused by Covid-19 has highlighted the need for governments to implement effective digital technologies: the development and adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or robotics. AI has proven to be useful for the provision of health services, with many people relying on ‘virtual doctors’ through telemedicine to obtain medical assistance (United Nation. “Covid-19: Embracing digital government during the pandemic and beyond”).

But how is the learning and training market moving from a digital point of view?

When we talk about training, we are also referring to the development of transversal skills, known as soft skills, which are now considered as important as technical competencies. But let’s take a step back. Thanks to the information age, people can acquire information from a simple PC and a Wi-Fi connection. A process that has been further highlighted in recent months, where we have witnessed an ‘almost forced digitization’. We used to see each other in person, talk, and discuss over coffee, but from now on many things will be different.

Today we can learn this information through lectures or live streaming, video courses, audiobooks, or digital platforms. On the other hand, one is still aware that these tools do not guarantee, most of the time, those fundamental aspects that constitute the interpersonal relationship.

VRAINERS at this point asked itself a very simple question: what are the technologies that can make the learning experience ever closer to the traditional one (face to face)?

The answer was found in two emerging technologies: virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The fields of application are many, but our focus has fallen on the area of learning and developing soft skills.

VRAINERS wants to take a step forward by aiming to provide not only interactive content, but also the possibility to learn more and more in a fun and dynamic way.



Matteo Zaralli – Founder

Founder of Vrainers Fulbright Fellow, Author, MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy



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