The lockdown due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus has had and continues to have a major impact on several aspects of our existence. While on the one hand, it has allowed us to spend more time with our families, rediscover lost values, devote more time to our hobbies and passions, it has also become a source of psychological stress, calling into question our identity and our ability to manage our emotions. Moreover, the health emergency has forced people to see each other only through the screen of a smartphone or a PC, which has revolutionized our habits in terms of time and space, leading to an upheaval of our social and personal world.

In my opinion, what has been most affected by the pandemic is interpersonal relationships. But what is a relationship? Generally speaking, it can be said that it expresses a bond between two or more people, but also a mutual bond because we are always dealing with people, and it is a fundamental aspect of our lives. But it must also be said that each of us adopts a personal interpretation of the relationship, giving it a subjective definition and value. This depends on the person we come into contact with, the context, and the timing of the relationship. Talking about relationships automatically leads us to the concept of communication. We talk about communication as if it were so easy and intuitive to understand what we are talking about, but in reality, it is a very complex process involving many psychological and social functions that are themselves complex. This process can be defined as “an observable interactive exchange between two or more participants, endowed with mutual intentionality and a certain level of awareness” (Anolli, 2003). Within the communicative process, the interpretation of the message between the interlocutors becomes important. This is referred to as intention-in-action (Ciceri, 2001), according to which the effectiveness of the interaction depends on the meaning derived from the reciprocal interpretation at an intentional level. In other words, communication involves a communicator and a receiver, whose roles are interchangeable, implementing intentional, reciprocal, and conscious dynamics. So how can we maintain our relationships, our communications without the possibility of seeing each other? In this period of profound crisis, technology has once again confirmed itself, as in recent years, as concrete and fundamental aid for dealing with the complex situations we find ourselves living. The question therefore arises: <



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