Come la Realtà Virtuale e l'Intelligenza artificiale stanno cambiando
il mondo della formazione e della crescita personale.

Today I would like to talk about a […]
Soft skills, communication, and emerging technologies. Why is […]
Deciding to embark on a path of self-dedication […]
Training and technology: stress management As already explained […]
Once we have clarified what we are referring […]
In this short article, we will address the […]
In this short piece of writing, we will […]
Sport-mind VR In this article, we will deal […]
In these times of confusion and uncertainty, onboarding […]
Today, I would like to talk to you […]
Theatre and virtual reality: new experiences for tomorrow’s […]
As technological progress has progressed, we have witnessed […]
The changes due to the continuous technological evolution […]
Psychology of 360° videos Technology in the field […]
The question we start with within this article […]
How can an emotion be defined? An emotion […]
Technological innovation has had a major impact on […]
Throughout the history of mankind, the methods of […]
Videogames are seen by the masses as a […]
Let’s start with the definition that the Treccani […]
The lockdown due to the rapid spread of […]
In a delicate period like the one we […]
The Coronavirus emergency has changed by far the […]

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